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  • 9/26/08 - Martha Speaks Aired on PBS Kids, which was on WGBH.
  • 9/26/08 - New Episodes of Martha Speaks! Check your Local Listings for Martha dates!
  • 10/31/08 - Videos are Available at Martha Speaks Wikipedia, The Free-Dog Encyclopedia.
  • 9/25/08 - started airing 25 Episodes of Martha Speaks as of September 25.
  • 11/23/08 - Knowledge started airing 34 Episodes of Martha Speaks as of November 23.
  • 2/16/09 - Martha Speaks aired a valentine special, "Itchy Martha"/"Martha and the Thief of Hearts".
  • 2012- Detective Dog book is published.
  • 11/18/14 Martha Speaks last aired on 18th Novemeber 2014.
  • 11/21/18 - Reruns of Martha Speaks return to the PBS-24 Hour Channel.

About the Show

It's about a talking dog named Martha. After eating alphabet soup Martha the dog can talk! In this series Martha discovers all kinds of new words. This show is great if you want to improve your vocabulary and if you just want to have fun! Check your Local listings at! Watch "Martha Speaks" on PBS Kids, Knowledge or TVO,amazon prime.

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